Tara and Easter

Tara and Easter
"Aw, mom"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Halter Houdinis

All four 15 month old calves, Bonny, Cloe, Arnold and Daisy, were haltered in the swing gate chute almost two weeks ago.  We attached lead ropes for them to drag to assist in their lead training.  Two days later, Cloe was wearing her halter around her neck and Arnold's was laying in the dirt. I created a new hole to tighten the halters and then, once again, I shooed them down the lane and locked them in the chute to re-halter them.  One day later, Bonny got her lead rope off.  Back in the chute she went.   Arnold and Daisy were tied up, fed and lead around on Saturday (they did quite well).  There was a day of peace before both Bonny and Arnold lost their halters.  By this time, they are all pros.  I simply open the gate leading to the lane and point.  The cows just march right in to await re-haltering.  Last night was lesson number two and all the cows enjoyed the brushing.  Cloe and Bonny were led around a little as well as Daisy and Arnold.  This morning, everyone still had their halters on.  Either I finally got them properly fitted or the cows are putting them back on themselves. 

Here's the tally, for those keeping score:

Bonny: 2
Arnold: 2
Cloe: 1
Daisy: 1
Me: -6

On another note, Ruby, the wild red cow, is much better.  I put Porterhouse, our dairy steer, in with her and he seems to have helped her recognize humans as a force for good, rather than evil.  She has gained a lot of weight as well.  I have high hopes that she give us a calf next year.

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